Be Careful!

Be Careful!

This message below came from one of our ministers who spoke on Sunday, June 26, 2022

Please read this message prayerfully.

“As God’s children, we must be super careful of what we expose ourselves to. We must know ourselves and see ourselves in the same light Christ sees us. And that’s with high expectations. If we know that we are sensitive to certain things, we should avoid them at all costs. For example, if you hear a particular song or genre of music or even you tune in to watch a specific program on TV. If it brings back negative memories or invokes un-Godly thoughts or actions, we must avoid it at all costs.
It’s like a creative or an artist… There is a reason why some of the most talented people don’t listen to or indulge in other creative content too often. It’s because they know of the influence it could have on them to the point where they risk spoiling their relationship with their creative source. For example… Think of a painter who suddenly tries mixing colors like they’ve never dared to mix before. The artist’s new interpretation of the mix of colors is of success. The artist also begins to admire this new style of art because it seems to be what is trending at the moment… And this new mix of colors is because they’ve been indulging in viewing other art. And what would have been despicable to the artist now looks “not so bad.”
Meanwhile, God is saying there is nothing wrong with the colors you used before and how you used them. But, now that you’ve mixed them all together, there is confusion and disarray within your artistry. Art consumers can’t discern you as an artist (or should we say a follower of Christ) apart from the others. You’ve lost your light. The same light God lit within you, which shows the world you are different and one of His own.
God is our creative source. He is our one and only source. So, when we start to tie up the line and invite static and noise to the mix, how can we possibly receive what He has for us.
Respect yourself and our creator and even your artistry to the point that you set boundaries if there will be interference between you and Christ. The devil knows exactly what to do and say to interfere. And he interrupts very sneakily, but all we have to do is pay attention to the patterns of failure in our life.
Ask yourself these questions:
* Where are your blind spots?
* Where are your comfort zones?
* How are you being influenced, and
* Where (or when) are you most distracted from the Heavenly source?
In closing: Psalm 1:1-6 KJV
RP – June 2022

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