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STC is an online self-paced Christian College registered in the State of Georgia. Our mission is unlike your usual institutions; our aim is to reach the world with the Word. This  college is for those who have been called to preach the Gospel, and those who need to excel in biblical knowledge. We are a certified approved member of the Association of Independent Christian Colleges & Seminaries. 

The programs here are specially designed for people who have a zeal for ministry and who were called to work for the Lord. It is our desire and aim to help the student achieve his or her goal and to aspire to great things in the Kingdom of God.

It is also our hope that you have been called into ministry by God and your response in enrolling at STC is to fulfill His purpose for your life. This college is Bible centred and Holy Spirit directed. Students who wish to apply but maybe financially challenged need not fear. We will help you. There are programs for tuition payment plans and some financial help for those who are unable to meet the full costs.

All programs are specifically selected and designed for those persons who desire to develop knowledge of the word, and skills for better interpersonal relationships. Students learn to deal with problems with a study of the Conflict Management course. With a program such as Conflict Management, the aim is to help participants develop acute awareness of themselves, and to understand the effect of their behaviour on their environment.
Some programs are to sharpen knowledge or introduction into the particular area of study before advancing to a degree.

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