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These programs are offered both online and face-to-face depending on your location.
Certificate programs include presentations, full participation of students who must be involved in questions and answers with the presenters.
There will be online discussions, quizzes and some programs may require a short paper.
Duration is normally four weeks.
All work must be satisfactorily completed before certificates will be granted.
Workshops are short program duration which depends on the topic being offered.
After registration, students seeking certification will be sent a package in preparation
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Youth Ministry Certificate
The Youth Ministry Certificate program is specifically prepared for those ministers who are called to teach the youth with skills such as leadership techniques, dealing with conflict situations, dating and relationships and other important studies which are vital to their development. Students must be at least 25 years of age and produce reason for selecting this program, and who are working with teens and young adults in the church setting. This program will be significant to those who are interested in promoting personal, spiritual, and practical growth for the youth.

For more information, please Contact us.

Pastoral Certificate Program
This program is specially prepared for those persons called by God to be pastors. The program aims to give value, substance, spiritual depth, and learning which are necessary to succeed in ministering to God’s people.
There are people who choose to become certified without going through the process of training. While this may be quick and easy, this attitude reflects lack of spiritual integrity and discipline; and it could be interpreted that those persons were not called by God. STC will not be distributing [papers] for the sake of increasing finance or numbers. Our aim is to be sincere with integrity and honesty working in the will and direction of the Holy Spirit.

Ordination and Licensing
We have revised our ordination certificate program for a number of reasons. First, there are ministers who were ordained in an organization, but upon leaving the church they lose their licensure. Second, there are ministers who have been called by God and who have been working for many years; but were never given senior positions because they did not possess a license. Third, there are ministers who do not have the call to be pastors, but they require certification to carry on their ministries wherever they are led to go. For these reasons these programs will be offered which are short and aim to fit the needs of the ministers who choose this course.

Other Program Selections
Certificate and Workshop Programs include but not limited to the following:
Conflict Resolution
Introduction to Christian Counselling
Church Administration
Christian Ethics
Personality and Sinful Behaviours: Is there a Difference?
Understanding The Christian Life
Introduction to Spiritual Warfare
Writing a Book [Workshop]
The Disciplines of Fasting and Praying [Workshop]
Anger Management [Workshop]
Time Management [Workshop]
Sickness of the Soul [Workshop]
Marital Enrichment [Workshop]
Healing from Past Hurts [Workshop]

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