Christian Education


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Christian education can be defined as a specific discipline with a caring attitude which teaches people about God and Christian life. It helps to develop fundamental inherent individual features given by God to each of us along with general virtues, and knowledge concerning how to transmit those characteristics from God to others.

Christian education helps the student to understand the word from the moral and spiritual perspectives. It teaches them how to live with themselves, God, and people from different backgrounds. It helps students understand the world biblically and from the secular viewpoint.

Another view of Christian Education describes it as the teaching of a system of principles, methods, and teaching practices from the Bible to promote the Word of God. Its central theme is Jesus Christ as the Saviour, and the main teacher as the Holy Spirit. In essence, Christian education helps the student see the world through a different type of lenses from both the moral and spiritual viewpoints.

A course in Christian education involves curriculum and syllabus preparation; lesson planning and delivery. It also teaches Codes of ethics to follow when teaching others, including professionalism.


Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Matthew 5:6


BA of Christian Education total 30 credit hours

MA of Christian Education 36 Credit hours

Doctoral degree 40 credit hours

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