Moving Forward – Use What you Have!



No one really knows what tomorrow holds after all this situation. Do not go to the psychics to obtain answers. God is still saying in Jeremiah 33:3  Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not. God wants to hear from you. No other entity does not hold the answer for your tomorrow. Do not listen to those persons because they cannot help you. Trust in God and seek for His help!

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Facing Tomorrow

Have Faith in God: Build a strong firm belief in God. Have faith  and allow God to be your Sustainer, Provider, and Preserver Psalm 121. Talk with Him about everything. Commune with Him daily, hourly, moment by moment. When life seems to want to cave in on you, call upon Jesus; He is always near (Psalm 46:1).

Think Survival: Despite your position, you can survive. Still, you do not only want to be a survivor.  If you are just a survivor, then you will just barely make it day after day. You can do better than just surviving. Start making plans about your future with the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. Be creative and use the gifts which God has given you to make life better for you. The man with the one talent hid his talent. If this was what you did with yours, now is the time to retrieve it, brush it off and find out how best it can help you to restart the motor of your life. Begin by putting a smile on your face and do not drag your feet. Empty your mind of doubts as you move into a brighter tomorrow.

You must have Determination: If you have to push yourself, then, do it; but be the “somebody” you had in mind when you were in school or college. Determine not to let past failures, disappointments and misfortunes be your lot. If you are trusting in God with a willingness to use your talent, you will be surprised where that seemingly insignificant idea will lead. Use your God-given talent to change your situation, and do not allow anyone to deter you from going forward.

You must Set Reachable Goals: To be empowered you must seek to help yourself, and set clear paths which are positive and reachable. Stop depending on others. Instead, find out who can help you, what you need to do, what are the resources you will need to make that desire come alive for you. People are there to help us if need be, but do not sit back and expect others to do what you can do for yourself. It may mean some long days and weary nights; but these do not last, and they will be worth it in the end when you see your successes. Do not hide your talent!

Even if you are not sure about your future;

trust in the Lord and let Him lead you!

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