Hope against Hopelessness



Ezekiel 37:1-10
In this passage the prophet gives a report of what he saw in a vision. There was hopelessness, devastation, and impossibilities. Yet, he trusted God to make a way out of nothing! There are times when we reach a plateau in life or troubles visit us when we can least afford to be interrupted; but they do come. It is during those times of uncertainty when we need answers.

With the prophet Ezekiel, his vision did not end with the dry bones, or the impossibilities which he saw. God works with impossibilities; those situations for which we have no answers. The story did not end with the dry bones in the valley of despair. Instead, God intervened and showed him that this was not the end of the entire situation. Notice that the prophet placed the hopelessness of the situation into the hands of the Creator Who is all-wise and will always make a way out of no way! When we have reached our extremes; God is ready to do the impossibility. Therefore, we should know our limitations!

Abraham and Sarah

We could look at another situation mentioned by Paul in Romans 4:18-19. Here we see an elderly couple who was promised a special child. They waited a long time and for many years for God to bring His promise to pass, but it did not happen in their time. Instead, they took the situation into their own hands and tried to help God Genesis 16. Although God seemed to have taken a long time; His promises do not have an expiration date even though we become impatient.

Abraham and Sarah’s situation was humanly impossible, hopeless. There was no way they could have had a child at their age, but they did (Genesis 21). Despite the long wait, they had faith to believe in God and not the impossibility of their situation.

What is your excuse? Are you looking at the losses, failures, and what seems to be hopeless? Hope against hopelessness and see what the Lord will do. God cannot fail, but you must have faith and trust His Word (Matthew 21:22).

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