Psalm 23

This Psalm gives an outline of God’s keeping care and His great concern for His people. He is our Shepherd, and we do not fear what the enemy tries to do against us. God will never leave us, nor will He ever forsake us.

Despite God’s love and goodness toward us we must maintain that relationship with Him through prayer and live a life of consecration to please Him. When we dedicate our lives to God, we will maintain a strong and consistent relationship with Him.

Let God be your constant guide and protector. He does not look at your sins when you come to Him. Instead, He sees your contrite heart willing to be led by Him.

Would you try Him today?

Allow the Good Shepherd to take you through the rest of your life. Open your heart to Him, and He will come in and direct your life.

You only need to let Him in!

The Good Shepherd

Prayers: Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays @ 6:00 am
Thursdays: Prayer, Fasting & Bible Study @ 10:00 am
Sundays: Bible Study & Seminar @ 4:00 pm
All are invited.
For information 678 964-4096, 770 347-8320

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