The Golden Image of Control – Daniel 3

The Spirit of Oppression

God told us in His Word that we should worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24). Therefore, we should not be worshipping idols which are evidence of satanic control. What is your object of worship? People worship all manner of things other than God. They will acknowledge a belief, a group, party, person, or an idea. However, if you are not worshipping God, then you have chosen to acknowledge an object which you fear.

When Nebuchadnezzar set up the golden image, his aim was for everyone to be like him, by worshipping what he loves; his own god: or else! If anyone disobeyed, the fiery furnace was the outcome.

True worshippers give thanks to Almighty God, Who reigns supreme above all other gods. He is the one to fear, He is the one to worship, He is the one to follow. Will you bow down and pay homage to satanic ungodly agents or yield to threats and demands? Is your God or god whom you are worshipping able to deliver you from oppressors? Who is more powerful Satan or the Holy God? Whom do you fear?

The story in Daniel 3 proves that God Almighty is Supreme and He rules over the vilest and the most wicked men who set themselves up as gods. The three Hebrew boys did not argue, but stated their firm belief in a God Who would not fail them (Daniel 3:16-18). Will you stand up for God against satanic forces with the evil which they dispel? Who is more powerful; the gods you serve or the Most Holy God – the King of Glory (Psalm 24)? Have you bowed to the golden image? There are times when God seems to disappear and watches us to see what we will do in a time of oppression. Who is your God? How powerful is he?

Can you sing truthfully, sincerely, and honestly sing: “All praise to Him who reigns above In majesty supreme….His name above all names shall stand, Exalted more and more…” Serve the Lord with gladness, and trust in His holy name. Evil people will have a day of reckoning before the true and living God, if they do nor repent. Fear not; trust in God and watch Him deliver His people.

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