Power Corrupts (Daniel 4-5; Acts 12)

Corrupt Power is Destructive and Causes Pain

The program presents two leaders who ruled with an iron fist. King Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 4, 5); and King Herod (Acts 12). Both men murdered and hurt the innocent and helpless. David warned against corrupt leadership in II Samuel 23:1-3, advice which every leader should pay heed.

God sees all that is done in the name of leadership with the influence of power, and He will reward everyone who hurts those who are helpless at the hands of corrupt leadership. Corrupt leaders work under the influence of satanic powers and they are led by him and his demons.

It does not matter where the leadership resides: from the highest to lowest; church, corporation, in the home, or in government; God will certainly judge any ungodly leader who uses power inappropriately to cause distress and pain.

In contrast to these two destructive leaders, Jesus was the perfect example of leadership. He did not only used power appropriately, but He shared power with those whom He led (Luke 10:19; Matthew 28:19-20). Regardless how the power was gained; whether honestly or stolen; only the power of the Holy Spirit will last.

At the judgment, everyone will give account for what was done in this life (Revelation 20:11-15); and there will be no escape. God keeps a book of records, and it will be from that log He will read out what each individual has done in this life to determine where each person will spend eternity. If you miss the first resurrection, you will be in this massive crowd standing at the Great White Throne of Judgment.

Are you prepared to meet the Lord? How is your leadership role? How are you using your power? Are people afraid to speak up? Are people being muzzled because they may lose their job or even their lives? What kind of leadership are you presenting to the people whom you lead?

I pray you will re-visit your leadership role to see how you are using power!


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