Obedience Leads to God’s Peace

The story of Saul in I Samuel 15 should serve as a lesson to everyone who chose to go his or her way rather than obey God.

There are severe consequences for disobedience as the story of Saul portrays. God’s desire is for His people [all people] to honour Him by obeying His Word.

Obedience is not an option especially for the believer in Christ. This is what we are required to do. Regardless, obedience is the pathway to blessing and peace.

A very important point is that we cannot be selective with our obedience to God as Saul did. We must carry out the Word as is; and not deter from it, water it down, or delete any of the instructions.

What we must also keep in mind is that if you choose to minimize or argue away our disobedience as Saul did, rather than seek repentance, surely you will fail and God will reject your arguments.

Do not try to suppress truth because God sees and knows everything. No one can deceive Him.

Finally, obedience leads to God’s peace (Isaiah 26:3; Philippians 4:7).

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