Hold on in Adversity

Despite how the circumstances of life maybe, we must still hold on to our faith trusting in the Lord. Even when it seems that there is no hope of you ever seeing the miracles for which you have prayed, know that God will never fail us, nor will be go back on His word.

Psalm 68:1
The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.

God always confirms His word. If He has spoken, then it must come to pass. God has not changed. Although the clouds may gather and the storm rages, God is still in control and He has the power to whatever He wants, when, where, how, and to and with whom.

While there may seem to be a delay to the answer to our prayers; delay is not an indication that God will not act.

God wants us to trust in Him no matter what the appearance of things might be. We look at things on the outside with our natural eyes, while God is a Spirit and works beyond our imagination. Keep in mind that God will honour His word and will fulfill His plan for any nation when we put our trust and confidence in Him, and wait for Him to move.

God is still in control. Trust in Him.

To listen to this program to to

Faith Restoration Ministries International & Shekinah Theological College

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