Where does Your Testimony Leads You?

Where does your testimony leads

This message was delivered by Minister Geketa Duru during our Search the Word Bible Study session. There are two parts to this program which we encourage to take some time to listen to with the hope that your faith will be built as you focus on your life concerning how you are sending out the good news of salvation.

The question is asked, does your testimony leads others to God and Christ? What can others say about you? You may not verbally preach a sermon, but your life speaks volumes to the world.

In this time of concern and uncertainties, people are emotionally and spiritually displaced. What can we as Christians do to encourage them so that they do not take things into their own hands and give up to hopelessness and despair. When we know that we are being effective and we are being appreciated we will be hopeful. 

Still, we need the Holy Spirit to love ourselves so that we can love others and care about their souls. Many are hurting, and hearing that  I care about you, will be a means of sharing your testimony without preaching a word. Just being warm and sincere to that person who thinks very little of the self, is sharing your testimony of what Jesus has done for you.

Yes, you have got your troubles and I have got mine.

Nevertheless, we need one another for warmth, and love. Share Jesus’ love with somebody today. We cannot share our testimony with someone else unless we care about that person’s soul.

Today, your testimony of Christ’s love, mercy and compassion may be the only warmth an individual has received in a long time.

Do not delay

Send an email, text, or  call someone today. Like someone’s page!

Encourage someone today with the love of God.

Where does your testimony leads you?

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