A System of Hate and Destruction

A System of Hate and Destruction

Job 41; Isaiah 27

The Bible speaks of an unknown creature in Job 41 called the leviathan. Its structure is made up of scales which are tightly compacted so that nothing can penetrate them. In comparison, this vicious world organized system is so well-planned that only God can destroy it [Isaiah 27]. This group of elites which spreads itself in all areas of life; the church, world governments, regions, nations, and whatever and wherever it finds access, will move in and take over. It is a well-organized destructive and hateful system. It is a vicious and voracious spirit which controls the lives of those who yield themselves to its allurements: power, wealth, greed, pride, godlessness, hate and all manner of evils. The way of life for its members is to ignore God’s Commandments, and to treat moral laws are as dust.
Anyone who dares to cross its path, will be destroyed unless that person accepts the rules of the organization. It is a godless cult which controls its members and destroys those who dare to walk away. It subdues opposers, and blisters anyone who tries to expose its nefarious activities. This destructive and hateful leviathan spirit has a heart of stone, while it breathes poisons which destroys anything it touches.
Unquestionably, we are living in a time of apostasy where the church has become complacent giving place to all kinds of demonic activities in all areas of life. If the people of God continue to sit at ease, stop praying and seeking the face of God, before long satanic forces will become the new apostles, prophets, and pastors.
Nevertheless, God will always have a remnant who will not bow to the demonic pressures of this vicious system of the leviathan spirit which is being imposed upon the world, church, and nations. God will always protect His people.
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