Mistakes Families Make

A child’s behaviour is the reflection of the structure of the family life, the culture, and principles, and the moral and Christian values which they use to govern their attitudes and behaviours.

Children learn from the home environment what they see in their parents. Admittedly, they also learn from their surroundings which are part of their natural upbringing. Those learning experiences are of significant values to their moral and spiritual development. The atmospheric backgrounds and life exposures in which children are allowed to be active and creative will be the guiding principles as they develop and grow. This will be their chart for making all kinds of life-fulfilment and life-changing decisions.

Therefore, if the learning experiences are negative and unproductive, the result will be obstruction or destruction to their progress and success in life. They will certainly make mistakes and behave unseemly, causing pain and disappointment to themselves and problem to those around them.


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