Discussions on the
End Times and Signs
which are before us with more to come.

Prayer, @ 6:00 am
Wednesdays Bible Study @ 8:30 am
Prayer, Bible Study & Fasting @ 10:00 am
Fridays Family Hour @ 8:30 am
Worship @ 1:00 pm

Revelation 13, 18

There is no question concerning the times we are living in because the signs are all around us. Who would have imagined that things could have changed so drastically, and so suddenly.
Yet, there is nothing sudden about the circumstances. The signs were evident all the time we were not paying attention which was the plan.
Jesus is coming back and as it was in the days of Noah and Lot, so it is now and will get even worse.
Are you preparing yourself for the coming of the Lord? This is the time to prepare to meet the Lord. If you know Christ, you will not fear but look for your coming Lord.

Programs are set at – EST
If you would like to join us,
678 964 4096
If you need prayer, call us.

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