Emotional Trauma in Childhood

Emotional Trauma in Childhood, the first of 3 Seminars with Dr. Rubie

Impact of Parental Emotional Abuse on Adulthood

The incidence of childhood emotional trauma is real as is outlined in the text, “Impact of Parental Emotional Abuse in Adulthood.” There are adults who are still being affected by parental emotional bruises and some scars which are left behind. Those pains travel all the way to adulthood. One problem is that there are perpetrators who refuse to admit or even to talk about what a child went through from those abuses. As a Christian counsellor for many decades, I have counselled and helped many women [mainly] who have suffered and who were still suffering from parental emotional abuse. The story of Shirley in the text opens a small window concerning this situation. Other stories had to be shielded in their contents to protect the contributors. To them, I say a hearty “thank you” again.

Dr. Rubie discusses the condition of human suffering in terms of
childhood emotional abuse. 

Dr. N. Rubie
I’ve worked in public health for a little over twenty-two years.
I am a native of Jamaica W.I.,
grew up in Roosevelt, NY, got my education in Tallahassee, FL
and I currently reside in Tampa Florida.
It is my earnest belief that without your health you have very little.
In my quest to help people live healthier and more fulfilling lives,
I have gone on a journey to better understand ‘root-cause.’
I now believe that the spirit must be well in order for the body to be well.


Childhood Emotional Trauma

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God is still able to heal you as He did Shirley in Impact of Parental Emotional Abuse
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