Who is the Object of Your Worship

Sunday September 19, 2021

Who is the Object of Your Worship?

God desires us to worship Him only, and no other gods.

Scriptures: Ezekiel Chapters 8 and 9; Exodus 20:1-4

John 4:24; Matthew 22:37

God is moved to jealousy when we go after other gods because we provoke Him to anger. Idolatry leads to judgement. Ezekiel Chapters 8 and 9

Idol worshipping is against God, and He will judge those who violate His will, and break His laws. After blatant disobedience and lack of repentance, comes judgement. He has made it plain in the Commandments that He is the only true God Whom we should worship (Mark 12:29-30).

When people turn away from God to idols, the consequences will be felt. Nevertheless, God is merciful and if there is repentance, He will forgive. Judgement will surely come to those who forsake God’s laws and choose other teachings. This is evident in the entire world which is filled with immoralities and godlessness. It is time for repentance.

Ezekiel 8 reveals the act of idolatry, while Chapter 9 speaks of the judgement of God. It may seem that God condones the sins of mankind, but He does not. Instead, He gives time for repentance because He does not want anyone to perish (II Peter 3:9).

Sin causes mankind to disobey God’s Commandment and He will judge those sinners who refuse to repent. Idol worshipping is evident in every place, and this is indeed an indictment on nations and the entire world. Idolatry is worship of the devil whose end is the lake of fire. Mankind has an opportunity to make the choice while here on earth, whom they will serve.

Why not turn unto the Lord today for pardon and forgiveness. Begin to serve the true and only God in Spirit and in truth.

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