This is not a flesh and blood attack. It is a demonic attack directly from hell!!

Job 41; Isaiah 27:1; Ephesians 6:12

The entire world is engrossed in a darkness which mankind has never known since the beginning of time. This evil has infiltrated itself in all areas both inside and outside of the church, government offices, schools, organizations and anywhere there is an opening. Satan has disfigured the minds of people so that they no longer think intelligently; but rather, their thoughts are only to do evil at his command. Job 41 describes the power and force of this evil which has taken over the world which no ordinary weapon can defeat. It will take a direct intervention from God to defeat this type of gigantic force against mankind. Still, God has a remedy, and He is the only One Who can and Who will defeat this terrible demonic intrusion against His people, and the nations (Isaiah 27:1). Be reminded that this is not a flesh and blood situation, it is all demonic and it must be fought with spiritual weapons (Ephesians 6:12-18).

People of God, it is time to rise up and recognize that God has all power, but we His people must be on one accord to defeat this force of darkness which has come upon us (II Chronicle 7:14). We must not be afraid, but instead work together in prayer and fasting. Surely, God will hear us and in due time, He will work. Do not be afraid, God has never lost a battle!

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