The Lord’s Anointed

I Samuel 26:7-12; Romans 12:17-21

Everyone will be offended by other people at any time in life. There are times when there is that [one] person who pushed us to the limit and we believe that returning the same treatment will be justifiable. Not so with David in this case. Although he was chased by Saul for many years, yet when He had what [appears] to be an opportunity to avenge himself, he did not listen to the voice of vengeance. Instead David decided on allowing God to fight for Him.

When David came upon his enemy, he refused to slay him recognizing that Saul was God’s anointed leader.

In this instance David was being tested because Saul and his men were in a deep sleep placed upon them by God. Many people would have ignored the fact that the leader was anointed and appointed by God, and only He had the power and right to remove him. David knew that had he touched Saul he would have sinned against God.

We can all learn from David when our enemy is vulnerable and we have the advantage. If you are faced with a situation such as this, follow the teachings of Paul in Romans 12:17-21, and allow God to defeat the enemy for you.

Finally, when God places someone in position as a leader of a ministry, church, organization, or country do not try to oust that person because you do not like him/her. It may be on your job where you have the conflict.

Nevertheless, if someone has caused you hurt, go to God, and He will issue the punishment due. Keeping in mind that vengeance belongs to Him.

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