Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare poses a great concern for everyone; but more so for those persons have been attacked by the enemy through his demons [satanic forces]. Satan uses his army of demons to infiltrate the lives of people, regions, corporations, organizations, governments, politics, churches and families. There is no limit to their activities, and they can gain access at any time in any life where there has been an open door.

Spiritual warfare began in heaven when Satan rebelled against God Who threw him out with one third of the angels who joined in his rebellion (Revelation 12:7-10ff; Isaiah 14:12-17ff). Satan took his hatred to the Garden of Eden where he deceived Eve who involved her husband Adam (Genesis 3). They disobeyed God’s command, and from that day sin fell on all creation.

Those fallen angels who rebelled along with Satan are demons which wreak havoc upon earth. They are spirits who are well organized, with great knowledge and super-powers to attack those who are vulnerable or who have sold their souls to the devil.

We can see the evidence among leaders, in the society, and in areas where there is wide display of anarchy and godlessness. Wherever lawlessness exists and thrives, there is the presence of demonic activities.

There are people who have sold their souls to the devil to obtain riches, fame, and power. Satan offered Jesus the same opportunities in Matthew 4; but He rebuked him. Jesus subdued him. All true Christians have the power to overcome satanic forces (Luke 10:19; Revelation 12:11; I Peter 5:8-9; Ephesians 6:12-18).

Demons are unclean spirits working in darkness to impede and cause untold pain and misery to any life or territory where they enter. They need a body to carry out their activities and can attack in a variety of ways; these include unexplained sicknesses, effects of generational curses, emotional situations, and other incidences which often appear without notice.

Demons are well organized in ranks with superb knowledge which they use to deceive and cause misery. The people in whom they work are often unaware of their presence; unless they have deliberately become involved through any aspect of the occult. [There will be another program on this subject].

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