You are Special

A Reminder to all Mothers

You Were Chosen by God

When you woke up this morning, what thoughts came into your mind. Maybe you lost your job or you were laid off.

It could be that you really did not prepare for this intrusion into your life and the lives of millions.

Although you are not the only one in this situation, the devil may send his warriors of deceivers to clutter your mind with negative things about you and your future. Do not listen to those destructive thoughts. God loves and cares for you, that is why He made you Special, yes, you are special. God chose you, think about it!

You are Special

Think of yourself as the most beautiful rose in the garden;
The calm ripple in the river;
The soft wave of the sea;
Your favourite colour in the rainbow;
The delicate sunrise in the east;
The beautiful sunset in the west;
The soft gentle dew on the grass;
The unique snowflake that gently falls to the ground.
You are the most beautiful person created by God.
You are special, because God created you different from everyone else.
© 2005, 2019 B.Y. Stuart, The Institution of Marriage

Do not believe anything else, no matter what the negative voice intruder is saying. Fire back with “I am special, because I am loved by God.”

Have a wonderful day as you expect a more successful tomorrow; a better job; brighter days filled with joy, happiness, and hope.

Comfort yourself knowing this is not the end, you have hope and God is with you.

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