Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

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Course Description

The Youth Ministry Certificate is specifically prepared for those ministers who have the call to teach the youth with skills such as leadership techniques, dealing with conflict situations, dating and relationships and other important studies which are vital to their development. Students must be at least 25 years of age and produce reason for selecting this program and who are working with teens and young adults in the church setting.

This program will be significant to those who are interested in promoting personal, spiritual, and practical growth for the youth. The program includes 2 Biblical Sociological Perspectives programs: a total of 10 courses; with each course consisting of twenty hours of instruction. This Program is offered on a weekend format over two days or specially scheduled during the week.

YMC  Leadership Skills

YMC  Dealing with Sin

YMC  Spiritual Warfare

YMC The importance of Prayer and Study of the Word

YMC Public Speaking

YMC How to Avoid Temptation, Fornication,  Drinking

YMC Taking care of your body, Dating and Relationships

YMC The Work of the Holy Spirit

Select 2 Programs from Biblical Sociological Perspectives

  • Human sexuality – this program will look at four particular issues
  • Abortion
  • Modern Gospel Music
  • Tele-Evangelism