Our Mission



 The Great Commission


Matthew 28:19-20
Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. 


The KJV is the Bible of choice. We offer several levels of studies beginning with the certificate courses, and the core courses, which are mandatory for the selected major. Students may also use electives pertaining to the degree being pursued. Those who transfer from another institution or who have applicable credits will be excused from the Foundational Certificate program. This program is specifically for those who do not meet the eligible application requirement for entry at STC.

Although there are many celebrated seminaries and counselling schools with practices out there, the aim of STC is to be unique, and not a prototype of those already in place.Our expectation is that the student will gain a comprehensive knowledge based on the Christian Faith to help him or her become a minister called by God, and a therapist armed with acute spiritual perception and wisdom, to penetrate problematic and challenging situations in a spiritual and practical manner.

Our hope is that all students will take away an experience which will draw him or her closer to the Lord.

Recognizing the imminent coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, we must endeavour to produce persons who are serious about Kingdom Building

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Our Mission

STC seeks to equip the church with trained people who will bring salvation to the lost through teaching of the word; and biblical counselling for those who are struggling with various emotional problems to help them face the normal vicissitudes of life.

We live in a time where there are many mental and spiritual disorders, which are causing people to lose control. These situations can be overwhelming for some people, and often leave them in mental anguish. Although we are Christians, we do face the same cares and circumstances of life, which cause depression and other disorders.

For these reasons, Christian Education Institute is a response to the leading of the Holy Spirit, who is our guide and teacher.

We have prepared a wide range of programs specially designed for those who have been called into ministry to work for the Lord.

Our desire and aim is to help the student achieve his or her goal, and to aspire to great things in the Kingdom of God. It is our hope that you have been called into ministry by God, and your response in enrolling at STC is to fulfill His purpose. Please work with the Holy Spirit, and prayerfully make your selections..

Our Aim
  • To be a Spirit-led institution for building the Kingdom of God as we spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to people around the world;
  • We purpose to prepare those who are serious about their calling and whose aim is to do God’s will;
  • To teach and train counsellors to show compassion towards the helpless and hurting;
  • To motivate pastors to respond to conditions in their church, and help those persons with disorders be restored to spiritual and emotional health;
  • To teach ministers to help the emotionally wounded and afflicted;
  • Train counsellors to become mature, and a helping hand to others;
  • Teach counsellors how they can help to restore the family unit to its biblical pattern according to God’s plan and design;
  • Teach counsellors to be a voice in their community to restore morality and godliness for a better society and world;
  • Teach counsellors to pull down strongholds, and take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ in their counselling sessions;
  • Our aim is to do whatever God requires of us.


Group Students Smilling

How to Get Started?

  • Ask for the Holy Spirit’s direction
  • Do you believe that there is a ministry to which God has called you?
  • Are you ready to be used by God?
  • Have you been putting off studying the word?
  • Do you have a computer?
  • Delay no longer!
    Pick your phone and call to speak with someone at STC. We will return every call promptly.
STC is the answer to your needs.
There are payment plans to help you.
Call us today at [770] 347- 8320  –  [678] 964 4096

This is an institution where the word of God is studied according to His plan and purpose.

This is an institution where the word of God is studied according to His plan and purpose.

Are you hurting or troubled about something?

Do you need prayer, counselling, or someone to walk with you in your time of struggles?

Faith Restoration Ministries International has resources such as inspirational books,

Online Christian counselling, and someone who will pray with you.

Help is only a phone call way.

Email us or leave a message with your name and number at

770 347-8320.

God loves you. He still answers prayers. Let Him help you!


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You are invited to join our Prayer line on Saturdays at 9:00 am EDT and Bible Study every Wednesday at 10:30 am. For more information,  Email Us   or call and leave a message at 678 964 4096 [Text, Voice]

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