Other Certificate Programs

Certificate in Christian Ministry

Course Description

This course will help the minister who is challenged with public speaking and holding his audience. Not everyone is comfortable standing at a podium and presenting a message despite how qualified that person might be. Everyone must have confidence yet trusting the Lord through the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction. The course will also include doctrinal worship and other important facts of the Christian faith. Students must note that this is a short introduction experience to help them decide what they were called to be the ministry.

Certificate in Conflict Resolution

Course Description

The ability to work with people of different personalities, cultures, and imperfections is one of the most important social achievements any person can accomplish. Therefore, in this course you will learn how to interact with colleagues and employer with courtesy and human dignity. You will learn how to communicate your displeasure without causing unnecessary disturbance or unpleasantness, and to create emotional balance for yourself and those around you. This course is suitable for leaders, Sunday School teachers, office workers and those who interact with people in the workplace or other closely related interpersonal situations.

Certificate in Christian Ethics

Course Description

There are Christians who do not seem to understand that similar to having standards in the secular arena, Christianity has its own ethics, some of which are similar to the worlds’, but at a higher level and requirements. Christians should be teaching the world about moral and godly standards. In this course, the student will learn that he or she cannot and should not live the same life as the world. There are specific instructions on how we should live, dress, communicate; and by following them we will be in direct obedience to God’s will for us.

Certificate in Christian Counselling

Course Description

Christian counselling is non-traditional counselling concerned with the total person: body, soul, and spirit. With secular counselling, the counsellor uses psychology as the authority in the session. There are similarities and differences with both Christian counselling and secular delivery and content.
The main aim of each perspective is the desire to help people overcome various difficulties, disappointments, problems, and failures in life and how to accept them as normal situations which come to all of us. They both seek to help people find the meaning to life, and to accept failures and losses, happiness and successes which will assist them in developing into healthy and well-adjusted individuals, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Students will be given a certificate in introduction to Christian counselling, but this does not mean they are licensed to counsel. The course is ideal for pastors who do not wish to take on the entire program. We do not issue licenses.

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