Ordination and Licensing Certificate

Ordination and Licensing Certificate


We have revised our ordination certificate program for a number of reasons. First, there are ministers who were ordained in an organization, but upon leaving the church they lose their credentials.

Second, there are ministers who have been called by God and who have been working for many years, but were never given senior positions because they did not possess a license.

Third, there are ministers who were not called to be pastors, but they require certification to carry on their ministries wherever they are led to go.

For these reasons the following programs will be offered which are short and aim to fit into the needs of those with experience and who require credentials.

We also have a Ministerial program for ministers who were called, but have no experience and who desire to fulfill God’s plan for their lives.

The programs are subject to change depending on the experience of the student. However, each Student must complete the programs for the entire course.

Course Outline

7 Core Programs

OLC Practical Christianity

OLC Pastoral Epistles

OLC Christian Suffering

OLC A Study Christian Disciplines

OLC Practical Presentation of the Word

OLC Spiritual Warfare

OLC Understanding Apostasy

Certificate -Registration

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