Masters Degree Program

MA in Christian Counselling total of 40 hours

Course Outline

The Master’s degree program in Christian Counselling requires 40 credit hours. Students must complete

  1. [9 core programs] 27credit hours
  2. Practicum from a suitable counselling ministry acknowledged by the college, 6 credit hours.
  3. Counselling Therapy treatment Program
  4. Therapy plan based on the authority of Scriptures listing:
    1. The purpose for the treatment [diagnosis]
    2. The reason for selecting the particular Scripture, and how it responds to the problem,
    3. Citing relevant aspects of any secular treatment plan that might be used in accordance; value. [4 credit hours]
  5. Research paper based on Christian Counselling of 100 pages with a topic that must be accepted by the college, 3 credit hours.
  6. Complete program represents 40 credit hours.

MA -Master’s Program for Theological Studies:

Students in the Master’s degree program must complete 33 credit hours.

Students can complete the program of 7 courses from Theology [21 credit hours]; 2 Biblical Sociological Perspectives programs [6 credit hours], and write a research paper worth [6 credit hours]. Depending on the maturity and educational qualifications, these programs can be adjusted for a student. All students must earn a minimum grade of at least 3.0

MA in Biblical Conflict Management 36 credit hours

Students in the Master’s degree program in Biblical Conflict Management must complete 7 core programs [21 credit hours]; and select 3 Biblical sociological Perspectives electives: [9 credit hours]; research paper [3 credit hours]; practicum role play [3 credit hours]  

Each student must select a situation from the Bible, for example, Nehemiah and describe how he dealt with the conflict: 3 credit hours. They must identify the origin of the conflict; the individual’s response, and how he resolved the situation. Biblical mediation practicum value 3 credit hours. There is a final paper which each student must produce of a conflict program based on a real incident explaining how the situation was dealt with: 3 credit hours. Complete program represents 36 credit hours.

MA in Christian Education – 36 Credit hours

Students in the Master’s degree program must complete 36 credit hours. each course represents 3 credit hours. 7 core programs 21 credit hours. Students may select 3 sociological perspectives, 9 credit hours; including a curriculum, syllabus and lesson plan for a particular subject or course of choice for 3 credit hours; research paper value 3 credit hours; total 36 credit hours

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