There are several programs here at STC for the one who has been called into ministry, and who is pursuing a course in learning about the Lord Jesus Christ. Many people consider Jesus as just another prophet and a good man. We accept and believe that Jesus Christ is God’s Son, and the Great Redeemer sent to redeem sinful man from sin’s curse.

College Students


STC aims to help every student earn a solid Christian education, whether this is for ministry or just to know more about the Word of God. We have programs in Christian Counselling, Conflict Management, and Theology at levels beginning from certificate to doctorate.

There are also non-degree programs for those persons who are seeking self-improvement, or just want to know more about a particular topic of interest.

The focus at STC is helping students become successful and strong in their walk with the Lord, and to be effective individuals as we await His return.

STC is a Christian Institution, teaching practical religious knowledge, and how to use this while we live here on earth. Students must fulfill all the requirements for the degree of choice in order to earn acknowledgement.

Christian Counselling
Pastoral Ministry
Christianity & Psychological Perspectives
Theological Studies
Biblical Conflict Management
Christian Leadership


Graduation Ceremony


Earn Your Degree!!!

There are people who are comfortable with a certificate which they bought off the internet. It is often only a piece of paper with no merit. This is not the answer for the one called into ministry, and who wants to be approved of God. You must know the word so that you can answer when asked about your faith: what you believe, and why you hold that belief.

Obtaining a certificate for which you did not earn is similar to the actions of Simon the sorcerer recorded in Acts 8:1-24.

Without study and proper certification you will only be a sounding brass, and a tinkling cymbal. It means you only want “a quick fix for an easy way out but with no substance.” It will only be a piece of paper which can only open doors; but you will have no knowledge.

However, in this institution, we will help you to reach your goal.


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Christian Ministry

Theological Studies

Pastoral Ministry

Christian Counselling

Christian Education

Biblical Conflict Management

Church Administration

Principles of Christian Leadership



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