Church Administration

Church Administration
is more that teaching, and preaching. There are other important duties to perform for the efficient management and success of the ministry. The leader must work with capable people for the administration to run smoothly and to avoid the error in the early church.
Acts 6.

Church administration describes the different duties in the church. With the help of the Holy Spirit, and following spiritual guidelines, the leader should identify reliable and able men and women to oversee or carry out those tasks. This type of ministry also deals with available people skills, including the distribution and effective use of finances and equipment. This is a spiritual service similar to any other program in the local church.
With the 21st Century church there are more responsibilities and programs than before which are in most cases necessary to the Body of Christ. Therefore, the administration of the church requires wisdom because it involves judicious stewardship of God’s resources for the accomplishment of His work in the local church.
In addition, we could consider Church administration as the management of resources and people concerning the organization of ministry; non-spiritual activities, finances; and other important functions such as appointment of persons for positions in the church.
Administration is an integral part of the ministry as was recognized by Paul in his discourse on the diversities of gifts in the church [I Corinthians 12].
From the spiritual perspective, church work should be administered by spiritually qualified persons. However, despite how spiritually equipped the church may be, we will need secular persons who can deliver functions which the church is incapable of doing.

Degree Programs
BA 36 Credits
MA 45 credits
Doctoral 54 Credits

Whatever we do, must be done in the name of the Lord Jesus.
Therefore, everything must be in decency and in order.