Christian Leadership



Jesus is the perfect example for leadership.


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One of the most significant indications of an effective spiritual leader is that he/she is a visionary, with the ability to delegate and motivate others for positive interpersonal relationships and harmony in the Body of Christ.

Jesus was the perfect model for leadership; Who did not coerce or used guile. Instead, He prepared with prayer and then called His followers and gave each member of His group the opportunity to grow and excel. When anyone failed, He was there to encourage and strengthen so that no one would be lost.

Jesus did not seek for fame or wealth, but demonstrated that the Kingdom of God was not about affluence or fame, but for the winning of the souls of men by seeking the lost.

Anyone who is called by the Lord to be a leader must understand that this position is one of servant-hood with total dependence upon the Holy Spirit for inspiration and guidance.

Unless the leader understands and accepts these concepts and more, he is not ready or was not called to be a leader.

Leadership here refers to anyone called by God, Holy Spirit anointed and controlled, with Christ-like attitudes, and who has a specific duty in the Body of Christ in the local church for the spreading of the Gospel.

Degree programs will be selected and prepared from the course outline for each level of competency. Core program content and structure will be decided by the college. The nature of all final course assessment will be decided by the college.



BA – Christian Leadership 30 Credit Hours
MA – Christian Leadership 36 credits
Doctoral degree in Christian Leadership 40 credit hours




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