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We celebrated 20 years May 2022
Throughout the years, God has been good in every way.
We have ministered to people from across the globe through the word, inspirational books, and counselling. With God’s blessings we were able to build Shekinah Theological College out of this ministry. We give thanks for all God’s blessings and mercies.

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Barbara Stuart, PhD, DRS, LCPC., Author, Christian Educator & Counsellor
Dr. Stuart is Founder of Faith Restoration Ministries [FRMI] and Shekinah Theological College (STC) Inc.
FRMI began in May 2002 and has progressed over the years reaching across the globe with counselling, and ministry.
Dr. Stuart is a worker in the Kingdom of God and never shirked from any duties which she was called to perform.

Dr. Barbara Stuart
To chart her life, one would find that she is a professional with training, program development, leadership, and organizational skills. Dr. Stuart is an active Public Speaker, with an excellent interpersonal attitude towards helping others. Her speaking engagements include topics involving marital issues, family, and the development of Christian Life. She has presented workshops and Seminars on Christian Development in churches, and carried out Conflict Management Training with several groups, Corporate and Educational Institutions. She has served as Student Advisor, keynote speaker, Educational Program Evaluator, Christian Education Co-Ordinator and Program Developer. Dr Stuart has been in the ministry of counselling for many years and has seen the miraculous change in lives, attitudes, and behaviours of those who sought this ministry for help.
Each counselling session is prayerful with concern for the counselee so that he or she leaves with satisfaction knowing that God has the situation under control.​
If you need Counselling, Discipleship, or maybe you have been searching for peace and understanding of God’s Word, Faith Restoration Ministries is here to help you.

Faith Restoration Ministries International

The aim of FRMI is to help those who have suffered emotional, spiritual, or even physical hurt to overcome residual pain from memory of the past through Biblical Counselling. While physical pain can be overcome with medication and time, emotional and spiritual pain do not heal as quickly in the lives of many people. There are times when it is difficult to forget the experience of loss, failures, and disappointments.
Christian Counselling has proven to be a source of healing and help to overcome past emotional traumas, and many other situations.

​The Christian Life is one of Service to
who will accept the teachings of the Bible!

Our Concern for Others

FRMI provides Inspirational books, Counselling, and Spiritual enrichment for those whose hearts have been torn or broken. The type and style of Counselling is a healing ministry; and each session is guided, and directed by the Holy Spirit. The Counsellor depends on the empowerment of the Spirit and the Word of God to bring healing, peace, and comfort to those who are hurting.​ One of the major conditions that cause spiritual and emotional distress, resulting in physical situations is the spirit of unforgiveness. If you find that you cannot forgive someone, try Faith Restoration Ministries Counselling Services, and hear how you can be free, healed, and delivered from your pain.

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