Lent – God’s Love Towards Us


Tune in at 3:00 pm today Wednesday February 26, 2020 on
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We begin the first day of the Lenten Season with a reminder of God’s love towards us.

It was love, mercy, and grace which God extends toward sinful mankind by sending His only Son into the world to die for sinners.

Let us take some time to reflect on this expression of care from God despite our sinfulness. We were not thinking about God, but He had us in mind and in due time showed that we needed His love even while we yet in our sins (Romans 5). There are times when we will go out of our way to help someone who is kind to us.

However, how many will reach out to someone who was unkind and who caused hurt? This is almost unheard of. Yet God in His love reached down and helped us who were astray from His great grace, love and mercy.

Invite someone to listen with you. The Program will be available from the Blog at the website.

Faith Restoration Ministries International – Shekinah Theological College
Have a blessed day!

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