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Our Aim
Faith Restoration Ministries provides Radio, and Internet Life Issues Seminars, Prayer, Bible Study, Counseling, and Discipleship. The aim of this ministry is:
* Help the lost find their way to God
* Help the hurting
* Restore faith and to mend broken relationships
Our Mission
Through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, prayer, the word of God​, and practical Christ-centered Counseling, we aim to:
* Heal emotional wounds and broken spirits
* To restore lives from the inside out

About Faith Restoration Ministries


​This ministry was founded by Dr Barbara Stuart. The aim is to help people who have suffered emotional, spiritual, or even physical hurt to overcome residual pain from memory of the past. While physical pain can be overcome with medication and time, emotional and spiritual pain do not heal as quickly in the lives of many people.


There are times when it is difficult to forget the experience of loss, disappointments and failures. Nevertheless, this type of Counseling has proven to be a source of healing and helping to overcome past damages. Faith Restoration ministries provides Counseling and Spiritual enrichment for those whose hearts have been torn or broken.


The type and style of Counseling is a healing ministry and each session is guided, and directed by the Holy Spirit. The Counselor depends on the empowerment of the Spirit and the Word of God to bring healing, peace, and comfort for those who are hurting.


Dr Stuart has been in the ministry of counseling for many years and has seen the miraculous change in lives, attitudes, and behaviors of those who seek out this ministry for help...more

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